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Requesting an SSL Certificate? Read This First

Posted: 1-31-2013 in Internet Safety, SSL Certificates by betsyc

There are some changes coming down the road for secure certificates. And, if you’re looking to purchase a new certificate, you’ll want to pay special attention. I know you all remember this post, when we announced changes to the protocol for registering certificates. Starting today, we no longer allow the registration of new certificates with […]


Now – Feb. 24: Buy a Costco Bundle, Get a Cash Card

Posted: 1-31-2013 in Affiliates by Rachel

Now through Feb. 24, Costco members can receive $10 Costco Cash Cards if they purchase Business or eCommerce bundles at After you purchase a qualifying bundle on our website, we verify that you met the promotion’s requirements, and then Costco sends your Cash Card in six to eight weeks. Here’s the fine print: Costco […]

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FTP User Modal Gets an Update

Posted: 1-28-2013 in Web Hosting by leslie

We’ve updated the look of the FTP Users manager inside the hosting Control Panel. Don’t worry, we didn’t change any of the functionality. We just gave it a spit-shine to make it look pretty. Here’s a preview:                   What do you think?


Get Amped for Website Accelerator

Posted: 1-24-2013 in Web Hosting by leslie

We’re excited to announce the newest Web hosting feature. Meet Website Accelerator! Website Accelerator uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to speed up website response time and improve performance. Not sure what a CDN is? Check it out. Using CDN technology, Website Accelerator caches static website content on geographically disperse servers. When someone views a […]


Beware of a Possible Phishing Attack

Posted: 1-24-2013 in Go Daddy Online Security, News, Notifications, Resources by betsyc

In an effort to keep you in the know, and to help prevent you from clicking a malicious link, we want to show you the most recent malware scheme we’re seeing. The email looks like this: Send any suspicious emails you receive as an attachment to For more information on how to handle external […]

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Go Daddy to the Max

Posted: 1-17-2013 in Affiliates, Go Daddy Scoop by Rachel

GoDaddy’s taking it to the max — the OfficeMax, that is! We’re thrilled to announce that OfficeMax started offering four pre-built GoDaddy product bundles today. If you’re a small business owner without a powerful online presence, you won’t want to miss this exclusive opportunity! To keep up with today’s consumers, it’s essential that […]


Now – Jan 25: Exclusive .INFO Auction, Part Two

Posted: 1-15-2013 in Go Daddy Auctions by Rachel

Once again, GoDaddy Auctions® teamed up with Afilias for part two of its Exclusive .info Auction. Now through Jan. 25, members can bid on 135 keyword-oriented .info domain names. Available for the first time, this batch of .info domain names is geared toward household and consumer needs. Here’s a sneak peek: […]


.CA IDNs — Domains for French-Canadians

Posted: 1-13-2013 in Domain Management and Services by gen_h

Starting today, January 13,  we will support .ca Internationalized Domain Names with French characters. This is great news and means French-Canadian businesses can now register the English and French versions of their domain name. The .ca registration and management process is very specific, so to simplify the information, we’ve broken it down into several categories […]

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Add More Custom Links to Your Storefront

Posted: 1-11-2013 in Wild West Domains Resellers by Rachel

We updated the Reseller Control Center today so you can add up to three custom links on your storefront’s menu bar. (Previously, you could add only one custom link.) This update is perfect if you want to link your storefront back to your custom domain page or even to a related third-party page, such […]

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Playing Hide and Seek with WordPress Links

Posted: 1-9-2013 in Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting by leslie

With the release of WordPress 3.5 you might notice the Links section is missing from the main admin navigation. Using the Link Manager, you can update blogrolls and manually add and remove navigation links from their website. Back in the day this feature was pretty neat, but it’s now considered outdated and cumbersome — which […]

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