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Google Shopping Requires More Information

Posted: 7-25-2013 in Quick Shopping Cart by betsyc

In Quick Shopping Cart®, you can make your products searchable with a free service from Google® called Google Shopping. To use this service with your Quick Shopping Cart account, you will now need to provide a little more information than in the past. Google’s updated process requires you to designate one (or more) of the […]

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Simplified Quick Shopping Cart Payment Options Page

Posted: 5-6-2013 in Quick Shopping Cart by Time

We’ve updated and simplified the Quick Shopping Cart® Payment Options page. Now, you can purchase and apply an SSL certificate, set up a merchant account, and configure all your payment options in one place. To get started, log in to your Quick Shopping Cart account, and then from Set Up menu, in the Operations section, […]


AddThis in Shopping Cart

Posted: 4-16-2013 in Quick Shopping Cart by Time

“Add what?” you ask? AddThis is the latest addition to Quick Shopping Cart®. This feature replaces the existing social widget (for those who have it enabled) and lets you share your store items through more than three hundred—yes, 300+—social media apps. Getting Started Log in to your Quick Shopping Cart account, go to Set Up […]

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Sort By Feature in Quick Shopping Cart

Posted: 4-1-2013 in Quick Shopping Cart by Time

We just launched a new Sort By feature in Quick Shopping Cart®. Now, your online store visitors can sort products by a number of different options, such as popularity, title, and price.     Although this feature is available, it doesn’t display automatically. To activate it, log in to your Quick Shopping Cart account, go […]


Quick Shopping Cart Update: Category Management

Posted: 3-7-2013 in Quick Shopping Cart by Time

Check out what we’ve done with Quick Shopping Cart®. We think you’ll be pleased with this release that simplifies category management and introduces drag-and-drop functionality to QSC. Categories Page We’ve redesigned the Categories page to make it easier to view categories. New Expand/Collapse All buttons let you easily view all your categories. Add a Category […]


Manage Quick Shopping Cart Orders on Mobile Devices

Posted: 12-27-2012 in Quick Shopping Cart by markg

Have you ever wanted to manage orders for your online store on the go? Well, we’ve got an app for that. You can now manage orders placed through your Quick Shopping Cart® account using the GoDaddy Mobile app. You can search orders, edit order details, and manage order processing all from mobile devices. Here […]

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How to Make Money Online in 7 Steps

Posted: 12-7-2012 in Quick Shopping Cart by markg

I don’t know about you, but I like money. In fact, I look for any and every opportunity to make more of it. Do you have something you want to sell online? If you do, here’s how to make money online in 7 steps. Purchase Quick Shopping Cart® — This template-based Web application gives you […]


Customize Mobile Storefronts in Quick Shopping Cart

Posted: 11-13-2012 in Quick Shopping Cart by markg

You can now customize your mobile storefront if you have a Quick Shopping Cart® Deluxe or Premium plan. In addition to the existing feature, which enables a basic mobile storefront, you can do much more, such as adding logos, changing colors, and editing CSS. If you ever wanted to spruce up your mobile store to […]

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Ratings and Reviews for Quick Shopping Cart is Here

Posted: 9-20-2012 in Quick Shopping Cart by markg

You asked for it and we’re delivering. We’re proud to bring you ratings and reviews for Quick Shopping Cart®. Ratings and reviews are critical to increase the confidence of consumers online. Take, for example, an experience I had: Last week, I had to purchase a tool for a home project. Like most people I wanted […]


Quick Shopping Cart Goes Mobile

Posted: 6-28-2012 in Quick Shopping Cart by markg

A survey conducted by IBM® stated that in December 2011, more than 11 percent of all online sales were made through mobile devices. This is double the sales IBM reported through mobile devices in December 2010. Our Quick Shopping Cart® developers are responding to this news by giving you a very valuable option — Mobile […]

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