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Changing Accounts With Your Go Daddy Domain

Date Submitted: 11-12-2009 by jacquem

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Is this you?
Your daughter’s old soccer team has a catchy domain name registered.  Last season you were the go-to guy for the domain name and it’s registered in your Go Daddy account.  This year, no soccer…now it’s ballet lessons, but that blasted domain name is still in your account.  Can you gracefully pass it on to the next guru?

Or this?
You sold your domain name.  The new registrant says they want to use Go Daddy too.  Can you move this domain name to the new registrant and still leave its registration at Go Daddy?

How about this one?
You have two Go Daddy accounts – one for your small business and one for your personal stuff.  The business account didn’t exist when you first registered your company’s domain name.  Can you move it to the business account where everything else is set up?

And, the ultimate snag…
Your company’s domain name was registered by your IT guy in his Go Daddy account.  He’s long gone and the domain name is about to expire.  Can you gain control of this domain name and renew it?

Yes, yes, yes, and YES! It’s called a Change of Account.  This procedure moves a domain name from one Go Daddy account to another.

First, start the move from your account and indicate where the domain name is headed (either a specific Go Daddy account or an email address) and then, from the new account, accept the move – it’s like a handshake.  As the acceptance completes, the domain name is canceled from the first account and activated in the second.   Note:  If you do not have access to the account where the domain name currently resides (like the case with your IT guy!) , contact us – we may be able to initiate the move for you.

Remember, free products associated with the domain name (like email, hosting, blogs) will not move although you can elect to retain the domain name’s current nameservers. Domain name enhancements (privacy, protection) don’t move either – in fact, they must be canceled before the move.  There’s no refund for the canceled services, but the free credits will be available in the new account once the move completes.  Give us a call if you have several associated products set up – we can guide you.

There’s a time limit!  Once you start the process, the domain name must be accepted into the new account within 10 days or the process times out and you have to start again.  If you purchased protection for the domain name, it has to be removed before you can begin the process.  We can help you with that – give us a call!

One final caution:  If your domain name is a ccTLD (like or .ca) there may be restrictions or different procedures to follow.  Call us and we’ll walk you through!

9 Comments on "Changing Accounts With Your Go Daddy Domain"

  • by ct on April 28th, 2010

    my domain name at godaddy ends in .info
    Now I changed my mind–I want to change it to .com
    how do I change the extension?
    thank you

  • by TinaC on April 29th, 2010

    ct –
    You cannot change the extension of your domain. You can however register the same domain with multiple extensions. This is a great idea if your domain is associated with your business so that you may protect your branding and build online presence. If you choose to, you can cancel the .info domain, however you will not receive a refund for any registration fees. Here are some help articles that may assist you in deciding.

  • by saptak on September 13th, 2010

    Is there any charges for account change

  • by jacquem on September 14th, 2010

    There’s no charge for moving a domain name from one customer account to another. But remember: Existing domain name add-ons (Certified Domain and Privacy, for example) do not move from the original account to the new one. We cancel these services as you initiate the move and, in most cases, the canceled services are not refundable.

  • by ondago on September 17th, 2010

    Currently i am using email accounts on the original account. When the domain is move to the next account, looks like additional email account will need to be purchased. When that’s done – will the existing email in the individual folders for each email account / user still be available? If not, is there any way to store and forward that information?

  • by jacquem on September 17th, 2010

    Your email follows you if you complete these steps within 30 days:

    If you’re using the free POP email address, it’s canceled when the domain name moves out of the original account. Accept the domain name into the destination account, set up the free email credit, create the EXACT same email address, and you’re good to go!

    For paid POP email plans, manually cancel them, purchase new ones where the domain name now resides, set up the EXACT same email address(es) and voilá.

  • by tjf on January 18th, 2011

    i have externally hosted email with DNS changes in place to forward (MX record) the email from the domain to the external host and I have godaddy hosted web on the domain. When I do the account change will the web hosting and email forwarding retain their configuration?

  • by CesarO on February 8th, 2011

    Hi someboy has started to create a website for me, at the beguinning this person bought all the domains that I requested, and now I have created my own account with goddady for when the work is finish. transfer the .com domains, no problems at all, but then there are also; .es;.it;.fr;.de; domains that we find impossible to pass them on to my account!, any suggestions? it’s turning into a nightmare…

  • by TinaC on February 11th, 2011

    You should be able to move your domains from one account to another. Here is a help article to walk you through moving the domains out of the first account:

    Once you have completed those steps, you will need to accept the domains into the second account, following these instructions:

    I hope this helps. If you need further assistance, please contact our live support by phone or by submitting a ticket.

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