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Creating Links in WebSite Tonight

Date Submitted: 8-31-2010 by san

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Using WebSite Tonight, you can create hyperlinks to various external and internal resources and locations on your web pages.
There are several types of links that you can create using WebSite Tonight’s page designer.

  1. Email – creates a mailto link to given email address.
  2. URL- creates a link to a given url. Url can be within or outside the site.
  3. Page – creates a link to different pages within the website.
  4. Upload – creates a link to uploaded resources.
  5. Anchor – creates a link that points to an anchor on pages within the site.

To create links in WebSite Tonight, follow the instructions in this Help article.

One Comment on "Creating Links in WebSite Tonight"

  • by jeanette01 on September 14th, 2010

    how do I link to the company I work for, their products page and I get the sale from my web site

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