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Editing CSS in Site Builders

Date Submitted: 11-30-2010 by Go Daddy

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Almost perfect, but not quite.

We don’t think anyone should settle for almost perfect, especially when you’re creating something that can be as personal as a website. For that reason, our site builder applications Quick Shopping Cart®, WebSite Tonight®, and Quick Blogcast® let you edit your website’s Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Basically, CSS is the programming language that controls the appearance of a website, including the formatting and text elements. By editing your website’s CSS, you can make specific changes to your website that you couldn’t get using the site builder appliciation by itself. Examples of those changes might include slightly nudging the orientation of text, or removing unwanted elements from your template.

Keep in mind, though, changes to CSS are often permanent, and they can really mess up your website. It would be a good idea to learn a bit about CSS and practice editing before you dive in to start making changes.

To help you learn more about CSS and, hopfully, help you get your website just right, here are a few resources:

When you’ve got a handle on CSS, here are those help articles for each of our site builder applications:

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