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Date Submitted: 10-31-2011 by sean

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We haven’t reinvented the entire Mobile iPhone® app, but what we’ve added makes it better-than-new. We took a lot of feedback we received and tightly focused our efforts, creating something we’re really proud of.

Our latest updates to the app include:

  • Mobile Mail — An entirely redesigned email experience
  • Online File Folder® — Now fully-integrated into Mobile (including Mobile Mail)

As someone who uses both work and personal email a lot, I was always hesitant to mix the two for a few reasons: potentially sending something to the incorrect contact would be very embarrassing, and missing important work emails after wading through personal spam would be wasteful. But now I can keep my work email completely separate—siloed in the iPhone app—but it’s still with me all the time.

And, because we designed it, it works perfectly with your Web-Based Email account, giving you functionality you’ll actually use:

  • Auto-complete contacts from your email account and phone.
  • Flag emails on your phone and they show up when you log in to Web-Based Email.
  • Easily move emails between your folders.
  • View in-line HTML attachments.

For a nerdy, techy comparison, it makes all of your email accounts act like IMAP accounts. If you aren’t sure what that means, trust me that it’s a good thing.

We’ve also integrated Online File Folder into Mobile. The most fantastic thing about this is I can now attach files from my OFF account to my Mobile Mail messages, and save attachments from Mobile Mail to OFF. It basically acts as a file handler for your iPhone. When you couple this with Workspace Desktop Tools’ folder sync (PC & Mac), you have an incredible productivity app.

You can download it in the App Store®.

We’ve also included two new articles to help you set up your account:

You should check it out. I highly recommend it.

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