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How to Speed Up Your Email

Date Submitted: 2-25-2010 by godaddystaff

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Topic: Email

How can you make your Email faster? Regular maintenance, premium gas, and Spark Plugs… okay, not really. Here are some tips to keep your email fast without getting furious:

Get Your Display Down
Keeping the number of messages that display per page at “ALL” or “1000″ can slow down your Email. From the Display list select the number of messages you want to load automatically. See, here’s how it looks.

Don’t Save Every Email
Getting attached to all those messages isn’t healthy for your or your Inbox.

Keep On Browsing
Make sure you’re on an updated version of one of our supported web browsers. You can take a gander at those here.

Chain Emails are So 1990
Avoid threading messages as much as possible. Your friends and your email will love you forever.

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