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Importing and Exporting your Contacts

Date Submitted: 10-19-2009 by Go Daddy

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Topic: Email

You may or may not have heard about the recent issues that the customers of a large cellular service provider had with their data on a certain type of mobile phone. These customers experienced massive data loss, which can be catastrophic for some. All of your business and personal contacts, lost!

Don’t risk this happening to you. Consolidate and back up your contacts using your Go Daddy Email Address Book.

Let’s look at importing and exporting your contacts.

Importing Contacts
If you have a lot of contacts stored in other applications and you want to add them to your Email Address Book, there’s an easy way to do that.

  1. From your Contacts list, click Import.

  2. Upload your CSV file containing your contacts.

    NOTE: CSV, or Comma-Separated Values, is a text file that contains the information for your contacts. Most email systems save contacts in CSV format. In addition, many applications, such as spreadsheet programs, also save data in CSV format. You can even create a CSV file by hand – it’s basically just a plain text file with commas between the pieces of information on each line, and “.csv” as the file extension.

  3. Next, you will need to indicate what each comma-separated field corresponds to in your Address Book. The fields can be in any order – maybe your file contains lines that look like “Lastname, Firstname, email, phone.” Or maybe it’s “email, work phone, home phone, first, middle, last.”

    NOTE: Sometimes the first row of your CSV file is not a real data line. For example, it might hold the titles each field. If that’s the case, make sure to deselect “Include the first row.” If the first line of data is actually one of your contacts, ensure that option is selected.

  4. Decide what happens in the event that any of your imported contacts conflict with existing ones in your Address Book. Do you want to keep the existing ones, overwrite the existing ones, or just add everything to the Address Book as-is (allowing duplicates) so you can sort it out later?
  5. Now, just click Import CSV to make the magic happen!

Exporting Your Contacts
You can even export all of your contacts from your Go Daddy Email Address Book to another application by clicking Export in your Contacts list.

Go Daddy Email allows you to save your valuable data – your Contact list should never be “trapped” inside any program.

In fact, I should probably mention that I like to export my contacts about once a month. I store the CSV file on my local computer for safe keeping. This is how I keep a “backup copy” of the contact information for everybody I know. Building my list of contacts over time was a lot of work – keeping a copy in a safe place gives me peace of mind.

The Go Daddy Email Address Book is fairly comprehensive and quite powerful. Hopefully these tips will help you be more productive with email than ever before and save you from losing all of your Contacts from your cell phone.

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