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Date Submitted: 3-1-2010 by godaddystaff

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Topic: Email

Ever wonder what email options we love the most around here? Here you go – staff picks for favorite email options:

Get All Your Files At Once
Why we love it? We like our files, but we’re more attached to our time.
Just select the files you want to keep and click the Download button. Your computer prompts you automatically to find a location to save the files.

Stylize Your Signature
Why we love it? We work at Go Daddy, we like to stand out.
Now you can use our Rich Text editor to customize your signature font, color, and add a hyperlink for your business website. From Personal Settings, select Signature, and then set your preferences.

Send Regret? Use Message Recall.
Why we love it? Remember that email to your boss about the project you thought was finished?
You can easily recall messages you’ve sent to other Go Daddy email users. Go to your Sent Items folder and click the message subject. From the right hand corner, select Recall and click Apply. A new window opens to display your Message Recall progress. If we are able to recall the message before your recipient gets to it, the email is marked as Deleted. Our Message Recall only works with Go Daddy email users. If you’re having second thoughts about a message you sent to someone who doesn’t use our email, you’ll have to resort to a good, old fashioned apology.

Try out our favorites and find some of your own!

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