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Sync Your Twitter with Your Website Builder Site

Date Submitted: 9-18-2013 by TinaC

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GoDaddy’s new partnership with Twitter® makes it easy for you to create a consistent online presence for your business. With hundreds of millions of people using a variety of social media outlets daily (over 200 million on Twitter alone), you can’t afford to ignore the impact that social media has on your customers and their consumer decisions.

With our Website Builder Business Plus plans, you can now connect your website to your Twitter account and we will automatically update the design of your Twitter page to match your website. This update includes refreshing your Twitter page theme to use the same colors and images as your website theme and updating your contact information to use your business name and information you entered for your website. We’ll also suggest a Twitter handle that corresponds with your domain name.

It seriously takes less than 10 minutes for you to get a professional looking Twitter page that looks like an extension of your website.

If you have an existing Twitter account, connect it to your Website Builder site and we will automatically update your Twitter page theme to match your website theme.

If you don’t have an existing Twitter account, no worries, you can create an account right from the Website Builder designer. We recommend a Twitter handle based on your business name, or you can come up with a Twitter username yourself. Then, enter your name or business name and email address and create a password — and we’ll do the rest.

You can be certain that if your customers are using social media (and I guarantee you, they are), they will post about their experiences with your company, good or bad. If you have social media accounts for your business, you can respond to those comments. When your business website is integrated with your social media accounts, it’s easy for you to post to your social networks and engage with your customers.

To be successful in today’s dynamic marketplace, you need more than a static website. You need to be everywhere your customers are, including on social media outlets like Twitter. For more on using Twitter, check out Twitter’s business support site and these GoDaddy articles:

Sync your Twitter account with your website today and start building your business. See, Synching Your Twitter Page Theme with Website Builder 7 to find out how.

2 Comments on "Sync Your Twitter with Your Website Builder Site"

  • by juanitohayburg on October 17th, 2013

    Hopefully this is the way I’ll be update my site. I constantly tweet once a day (usually after my am pedal), and considerably more when biketouring/travelling.

  • by verbier_kev on October 26th, 2013

    What would be really cool is a link back to your page from twitter, let me explain.
    I run an ice karting centre, while the clients are drifting around I take picture for them, sometimes on the Iphone, sometimes on my phone/camera. Now when you get that mega cool picture it would be cool to send it to Twitter, and as the same time it updates your web page (that is set up to be linked to Twitter live feed). and you’ll see some of the pictures….If this app is already out there please point me in the right direction…

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