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Templates Made Easier with Quick Shopping Cart

Date Submitted: 2-10-2011 by art_m

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A recent update to Quick Shopping Cart® streamlines the process of updating your product catalog using a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet template. With the Quick Download, Export, and Import features, Quick Shopping Cart lets you cruise through adding, modifying, and deleting the products you display at your online storefront.

When you select the Quick option to work with a template, Quick Shopping Cart uses only the required fields for modifying your catalog, as well as the products’ categories. On the other hand, the Full template uses all related data fields. That means the Quick template displays fewer columns, letting you quickly find and modify only the data required for an update.

While Quick Shopping Cart makes it easy for you to operate an online business, some merchants prefer a hands-on approach when it comes to working with data. Excel spreadsheets let you stay organized while you work with large amounts of information.

However, keep in mind, when you select Quick or Full for updating your Quick Shopping Cart catalog, you must use that option throughout the process. For example, you can’t export and edit a Full template, and then import it using the Quick option.

For the Help article about using templates to update your product catalog in Quick Shopping Cart, go here.

And if you’re surprised to find there’s an ecommerce application advanced enough to let you use downloadable templates, you’ve just discovered the tip of the iceberg. It’s time to take a closer look at Quick Shopping Cart.

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