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Date Submitted: 7-19-2010 by cate

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You might call Jeff Patterson a WebSite Tonight® aficionado.

The Texas entrepreneur has used Go Daddy’s site-builder to create websites for business partners, customers of his Go Daddy reseller business – he even used it to build a site for his brother, a photographer.

This year, Jeff finally built a website just for himself. His two-year-old company supplies crawfish to restaurants and groups and Jeff knew a website would get him the exposure he needed. has pricing, ordering information, and full-color photos of people enjoying buckets of delicious crawfish. “There are lots of photographs under the Events tab,” notes Jeff, who appreciates how easy it is to add photos in WebSite Tonight. “I think that’s important.”

To get his website listed by search engines, Jeff used Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics like adding meta tags and keywords to his pages. Then, he bought pay-per-click ads to help attract visitors to the site.

“The results have been fantastic,” Jeff reports. “I get a ton of calls for live crawfish, and 3-10 Internet leads a day during peak season.” And not all of his leads have come from Texas, either. The company has shipped crawfish as far away as California, New York – even Canada.

In addition to shipping crawfish, The Crawfish Company also caters events like the recent dinner at N.A.S.A.’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. Roughly 300 guests ate 800 lbs. of crawfish, corn, and potatoes prepared and served by Crawfish Company staff.

A few weeks later, Jeff and his crew catered a 4th of July dinner for 75 family members and friends of Boston Celtics Center Kendrick Perkins in his hometown of Beaumont, TX.

The Crawfish Company staff served up 30 lbs. of steamed Snow Crab and 50 lbs. of boiled shrimp that night, along with steamed lobster, corn, potatoes, and dirty rice. But the biggest catch of the evening, says Jeff, was the Crawfish Company koozie bearing Perkins’ autograph.

Thanks to this year’s success, Jeff is negotiating a lease on a 20,000-square-foot retail warehouse. “We are very excited about this and have Go Daddy to thank for all of it!

“I know I probably got on your nerves with all the phone calls I made,” Jeff laughs now, remembering his early exchanges with the Go Daddy support team. “But never once did anyone turn me away or not help me. You have the best customer service hands down.

“When I started calling you guys, I barely knew how to turn on a computer. I now have a reseller account and have grown several businesses via the Internet.

“It has truly been life-changing.”

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  • by nwahsc on August 15th, 2010

    I like the look of this

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