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Differences between Site Scanner, SSL certs, and anti-virus software

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Topic: Site Scanner

Go Daddy® Website Protection Site Scanner, SSL certificates, and anti-virus software are all very different in how they function, but each one plays a key role in keeping your data safe.

Site Scanner — Site Scanner scans your website daily and notifies you of vulnerabilities that might pose a threat to your data or your visitors. Site Scanner can diagnose problems with your website such as cross-site scripting or SQL Injection vulnerabilities, phishing exploits and more.

SSL Certificates — SSL certificates create a secure, encrypted link between a Web server and a browser. Any information passed between the two while the connection is established is encrypted, ensuring its safety if it is intercepted during transmission. Websites that have shopping carts or sign-up forms should have an SSL.

Anti-Virus Software — Anti-virus software packages vary, but most have the same core features: They detect and quarantine or remove malicious programs such as malware, worms, and Trojan horses. Reputable hosting providers have anti-virus software installed on their hosting servers, and it’s a good idea to have anti-virus software on your computer and any servers you maintain.

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