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How Do I Install Software on my Linux Dedicated Server?

Installing Software on Your Linux Server Using Yum or RPM

  1. You need to be logged in as root.

    To login as root, first log into your server via SSH using your normal username and password. Then do the following:

    [user]$ su -
  2. Once logged in as root, you can see if your software is available via yum.
    [root]# yum info MySoftwareName
  3. If the result displays that the software is available, and you are happy with the version, run:
    [root]# yum install MySoftwareName
  4. If the software is not available, you will have to find the RPM and copy it to your server. You can use scp to copy the file. Then, use RPM on your server to install the package.
    [root]# cd dirWhereRPMResides
    [root]# rpm -i MyRPMName

For more details on yum and rpm, see the man pages.

[root]# man rpm
[root]# man yum
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