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Using Chat in Your SocialSpace

Date Submitted: 3-14-2014

Here's the Lowdown: Your SOCIAL includes a built-in chat room where you can chat with your friends. It runs right inside the Web browser and no extra software is required. The chat room opens automatically when you log in to your SOCIAL.

NOTE: SOCIAL chat is not private. Do not share private, personal or other sensitive information.

Chat in Your SOCIAL

Open the chat window by clicking on its title bar. This will expand the chat window and allow you to interact with your visitors in your chat room. The names of visitors currently logged in are listed in the right pane of the chat window. To chat with your users, type your message into the message entry area and click Send.

Customize Your Chat Font

Click on the font icon in the lower left-hand corner of your chat window to access the font options. From the menus, you can select a font, and change the size and color.
Font changes are saved, and will apply until you change them again.

Disable Automatic Message Alert

The message alert sound is automatically enabled when you log in unless you disable this feature. To disable the message alert sound, click on the sound icon in the lower right-hand corner of the chat window. Click on the icon again to enable the alert.

Disable Automatic Chat in Your SOCIAL

The chat feature in your SOCIAL loads automatically when you log in unless you disable this feature. To disable the chat window from loading automatically when you log in:

  1. Log in to your SmartSpace start page.
  2. In the My Chat container, clear the check box for Automatically turn chat room on upon login.

You can still launch the chat window manually by clicking the Chat button on the menu bar.

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