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Connecting Remotely to Shared Hosting Databases

If you want to connect remotely to the database on your shared hosting account (more info), how you enable it depends on the type of hosting you have (more info).

Type To Enable Remote Database Connections
Classic & Web You must enable Direct Database Access when setting it up — you cannot enable it later. For more information, see Creating MySQL or SQL Server Databases for Your Hosting Account.1
cPanel See Enabling Remote MySQL Management in cPanel.
Plesk Remote database connections for both MySQL and MS SQL are enabled by default.

NOTE: Direct database connections do not support secured (SSL) connections.

1 Free Web Hosting accounts cannot enable Direct Database Access. To upgrade your hosting account, see Upgrading Your Hosting Account.

How to Connect Remotely

To remotely connect to your database, you need to use database management software such as MySQL Query Browser, MySQL Workbench, or Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express.

Application Settings

All of these applications use similar settings. You can find your database's specific settings in Viewing Your Database's Details.

  • Host Name or Server — Your database's host name.
  • Port — If asked for the port, enter the following depending on the type of database you're connecting to:
    MySQL 3306
    MS SQL 1433
  • User Name — Your database's user name.
  • Password — Your database's password. If you've forgotten it, you can edit it from the database's Details page by clicking Reset.
  • Database — Your database's user name.
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