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Changing Themes with Website Builder v7

NOTE: This article is for Website Builder version 7. Your version displays at the top of the screen when you log in to your Website Builder account. Not using version 7? Search for Website Builder version 6 articles.

Website Builder v7 offers hundreds of beautifully designed themes. Anytime you want to transform the look of your website, just change the theme.

When you change your website theme, all existing text, images, and settings are lost. You will need to start from scratch. If you want to restore your site to your previous theme, see Backing Up and Restoring Website Builder v7.

To Change Themes with Website Builder v7

  1. Log in to your Website Builder account. If you're already working in the designer, click the Manage Site icon, and then select Exit.

    NOTE: If you have unsaved website changes, we'll prompt you to save them before exiting the designer.

  2. From the Home page, click the Themes tab.
  3. From the Themes page, select the category for the themes you want to view, and then select a theme.
  4. Click I want this. The design canvas loads.

To see your changes online, you must publish your website.

For more information about Website Builder v7, see Designing Pages with Website Builder v7.

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