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Uploading and Linking to Files in Website Builder v7

NOTE: This article is for Website Builder version 7. Your version displays at the top of the screen when you log in to your Website Builder account. Not using version 7? See, Uploading and Linking to Files in Website Builder v 6.

Website Builder v7 lets you upload your own audio, video, document, and image files, so your website visitors can download them.

There are essentially two methods to upload files to your WSB v7 website. The first option is to simply drag the file from your local drive and drop it on to the design canvas of your chosen page. This creates an editable button for visitors to download the file. The second option is to create a button and link a file to it.

Uploading and Linking to Files in Website Builder v7

  1. Log in to your Website Builder account.
  2. Click Edit Site.
  3. Select an existing button on your page or use the left-side menu to drag and drop Button Icon onto the design canvas, and select it.
  4. Click the button, and then select Settings.
    Click to delete uploaded file
  5. In the Label field, enter the text you want the button to display.
  6. Next to Link, click the dropdown menu to:
    • Upload a new file by clicking Upload.
      Click Upload

      Then use the File Manager window to browse to a file on your local drive or drag it into the manager window. An icon of the file is added to the File Manager window. Click to select the file and click Insert.

      After upload, click Insert
    • You can use an existing file by selecting it in the Link to dropdown list.
    • NOTE: You can also delete a file by selecting it the File Manager and clicking the Trash icon. Click the x to close the window and return to your page.

  7. If you want the downloaded file to open in a new window, select that checkbox below the Link field in the Settings window.
  8. After making your choices, click Save at the bottom of the Settings window and the window closes.

NOTE: Uploads are limited to 15MB per file and 1GB per site (images are limited to 5000 pixels by 5000 pixels). You can upload any file type except: .htm, .html, .htmlx, .js, .asp, .aspx, .mht, .php, .exe, .gem, .xpi, and .dll.

To see your changes online, you must publish your website.

For more information about Website Builder v7, see Designing Pages with Website Builder v7.

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