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Outlook 2011 for Mac: Setting up Email

Posted: in Email Clients

Step-by-step instructions for configuring Email with Outlook 2011 for Mac.

Using a BlackBerry with Your Email

Setting up Email on BlackBerry devices

iPhone: Setting up Email

Step-by-step instructions on Configuring Email with iPhone mobile devices.

Automatically Setting up Email on Your iOS Device

Posted: in Email Clients

We developed a tool that lets you set up email with your Apple iOS device, include the iPhone® and iPad®, simply by entering your email password.

Using Outlook Easy Setup

Posted: in Email Clients

The Outlook Easy Setup feature creates an “autodiscover” entry under your SRV (Service) record in your domain’s Zone file. This record includes all the information Outlook needs to allow you to set up your email account, such as host nam

Microsoft Surface: Setting up Email

Posted: 9/7/14 in Email Clients

Setting up email on the Microsoft Surface.

Apple Mail: Setting up Email

Posted: in Email Clients

This article explains how to set up and use Apple Mail with your Workspace Email account.

Troubleshooting Apple Mail Setup

Posted: in Email Clients

Troubleshooting Apple Mail Setup

Outlook 2007: Setting up Email

Posted: 10/6/14 in Email
Email Clients

Set up your email in Microsoft Outlook 2007. It’ll take you about 5 minutes following these step-by-step instructions.

Outlook 2013: Setting up Email

Posted: 10/6/14 in Email Clients

So you want to set up your email using Outlook® 2013. No problem! We should have your email working in Outlook 2013 in about five minutes. The following process works for most customers, but sometimes, you might need to make some small changes depending on where you live and which [...]

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