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Working with SSL Certificates

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Requesting a Deluxe SSL Certificate

This article explains how to request a Deluxe Secure Certificate.

Re-Keying an SSL Certificate

Learn about re-keying your SSL certificate.

Automatically Redirecting Visitors to HTTPS

If you have a secure certificate (SSL) on your website, you can automatically redirect visitors to the secured (HTTPS) version of your website to make sure your communications are encrypted.

How you do that depends on what type of hosting account you have (more info).


If your account uses IIS 6, [...]

Requesting a Standard or Wildcard SSL Certificate

After you purchase an SSL certificate, activate the SSL credit to request a new certificate for your website.

Verifying a Certificate's Validity on Your Computer

Applications are configured to verify a certificate using Online Certificate Status Protocol, or Certificate Revocation Lists.

Where can I get information about my SSL's configruation?

If you’re having difficulty installing your SSL certificate, the SSL installation tool can help diagnose problems.

Changing Your SSL's Common Name (Standard & Deluxe SSLs Only)

If you have a Standard or Deluxe (High Assurance) SSL certificate, you can change its “common name,” which is the primary domain name which it encrypts. However, this feature is only available for the initial issuance length; once the SSL renews for the first time, you can no longer change [...]

Creating a TXT Record for SSL Validation

To validate domain name control for your SSL, you can use a TXT (Text) record in your domain name’s DNS.

Using the Right Issuing Organization for Your SSL

You can select GoDaddy or Starfield Technologies as the certificate-issuing organization when you purchase, renew, or re-key an SSL certificate.

Finding Your SSL Site Seal Code

After your SSL is issued, you can display the site seal on your website to inform visitors that transactions are conducted securely.

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