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What is GoDaddy Auctions?
GoDaddy Auctions® is a marketplace for domain name buyers and sellers. In exchange for allowing sellers to list their domains, GoDaddy Auctions charges a percentage of the sale price once the domain is sold. At any time, the seller may add one of the optional features to [...]

Can I keep the domain registered where it is and still list it at Go Daddy Auctions?

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On GoDaddy Auctions®, you can sell domains that are registered with any registrar. However, we recommend you transfer the domain to us, which includes a one-year extension to the current registration period.

Can I Cancel my Bid on Go Daddy Auctions?

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No, bids cannot be canceled. We take the integrity of domain name auctions seriously, and want to make sure both buyers and sellers are protected. Before you bid, make sure you do your research. Each bid submitted on GoDaddy Auctions® is a binding [...]

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