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How long does it take to set up Website Design Services?

The Dream Design Team® begins building your site as soon as we receive all of the content from you. Site content includes photos, text, music, documents, or any other elements you want to add to your site.
To better meet your unique needs, we offer a wide range of design plans. [...]

What kinds of websites can the Dream Design Team build?

A rundown of the different websites the Dream Design Team can create for you.

Selecting a Template for Your Dream Design Team Project

Posted: 1/2/13 in Web Site Design Services

When the Dream Design Team® build your website or Web store, you use the Template Showcase to browse through a wide variety of professionally designed templates and find one that is perfect. The templates are arranged into categories; however the categories are merely suggestions. You can select one that meets [...]

Traffic Service with Dream Design Sites

The Dream Design Team® offers a free traffic service to increase the number of visitors to your Dream Design website.
Traffic Service includes site submission to major search engines using Search Engine Visibility, and an email report that tells you about your site’s visitors. Traffic Service is a specialized site submission [...]

What are Website Design Services?

Website Design Services are websites that we build to your specifications. There are a variety of Web design plans to choose from that allow you to dictate many aspects of your site, such as layout, color schemes, and organization. We construct your website for you. All you need to do [...]

What do I do once I've purchased Website Design or Web Store Design Services?

What to do next after you purchase a product from the Dream Design Team.

How do I view revisions?

Using the Design Manager, you can review your website, custom header, or logo. You can request that the Design Specialist make revisions based on your feedback. Your Design Specialist will make the requested revisions and submit another sample to you for approval.
You can then review the revisions that you requested [...]

Optimizing Dream Design Team Websites

When providing content for your Standard or Deluxe website or Web store from the Dream Design Team®, you can specify meta tags for your site specialist.
The Dream Design Team uses their best judgment, based on the content you submit, to generate page descriptions, browser titles, keywords and meta data. However, [...]

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