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Why connect remotely to hosting databases?

Posted: 2/4/14 in Databases

Connecting remotely lets you manage your hosting account databases with external tools such as Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express and MySQL Query Browser.

Information About Migrating Databases

Posted: in Databases

Migrating your databases can be difficult. Tackle the task prepared with the information in this article.

Accessing Your Cron Job Manager with Shared Hosting

Posted: in Databases

Cron is a standard Linux feature that allows you to schedule tasks, called “Cron Jobs,” to run unattended at a specified frequency. You can quickly set up a Basic Cron Job schedule using the Cron Job Manager Feature in the Hosting Control Center.

Where can I download my shared hosting backups?

Posted: 11/3/14 in Databases

We save your database backups into a folder called “_db_backups.”

Viewing Your Database's Details

Posted: 11/3/14 in Databases

For your website to connect to your database, you need its hostname.

Resetting Your Hosting Account's Database's Password

Posted: in Databases

If you forgot the password you created when setting up your database, you can reset it.

Backing up and Restoring MySQL or MSSQL Databases

Posted: in Databases

If you want to keep a backup of your database or use one of those backups to restore content into your database, this article has you covered.

Database Compatibility and GoDaddy Hosting Connection

Some applications require certain types of databases or certain versions of a database. If you don’t have the required database available, use the information in this article to resolve the issue.

What do I do when I receive MySQL local connect error?

Posted: in Databases

If you receive a MySQL local connect error, this article has information to help you troubleshoot the issue.

Creating a Read-Only Database User

Posted: in Databases

If you want someone to have access to your database, but not modify it, you can give them read-only access.

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