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Connecting Remotely to Shared Hosting Databases

Posted: in Databases

If you enabled Remote Access for your database, use this article to connect to it remotely.

Locating Your Database Connection Strings

Posted: in Databases

For yoiur website to connect to your database, you need your connection strings.

Where can I download my shared hosting backups?

Posted: in Databases

We save your database backups into a folder called “_db_backups.”

Viewing Your Database's Details

Posted: in Databases

For your website to connect to your database, you need its hostname.

Accessing Your Cron Job Manager with Shared Hosting

Posted: in Databases

Cron is a standard Linux feature that allows you to schedule tasks, called “Cron Jobs,” to run unattended at a specified frequency. You can quickly set up a Basic Cron Job schedule using the Cron Job Manager Feature in the Hosting Control Center.

Resetting Your Hosting Account's Database's Password

Posted: in Databases

If you forgot the password you created when setting up your database, you can reset it.

Backing up and Restoring MySQL or MSSQL Databases

Posted: in Databases

If you want to keep a backup of your database or use one of those backups to restore content into your database, this article has you covered.

Managing Databases

Posted: in Databases

After you set up your database, you can launch its control panel from the Hosting Control Center.

Checking Your MySQL Database's Version

Posted: in Databases

We support MySQL database versions 4.0.27 through version 5.1.

Database Compatibility and GoDaddy Hosting Connection

Some applications require certain types of databases or certain versions of a database. If you don’t have the required database available, use the information in this article to resolve the issue.

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