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What sizes can my banner ads be?

We offer the following standard sizes (in pixels):


View Sample sizes.

If you require a custom size, you will need to provide the specific size in pixels. We cannot contact third parties on your behalf to determine this [...]

What types of banner ads are offered?

We offer two types of banner ads:

Static Banner Ads
Static Banner Ads offer no movement.
Animated GIF Banner Ads
Animated GIF Banner Ads offer limited animation. [...]

What content do I need to provide for the creation of my banner ads?

You need to provide text and, if applicable, a logo and/or graphics.

When you create your text, remember you only have four seconds to grab the attention of Web visitors. Therefore, it is important that the banner ad text has a clear message, a call to action, and does [...]

Custom Flash Banner Ad

What size can my Custom Flash Banner Ad be?
The maximum size is 350×350 pixels. If you are purchasing a Custom Flash® Banner Ad for use on an affiliate site,

the vendor will provide size requirements to you.

How do I know what animation I would like?
What elements are animated is [...]

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