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Linux-Based Languages and Scripts

Redirect URLs with Your Hosting Account

A redirect automatically sends your website’s visitors to a chosen destination, either a different location within the same site or a new site entirely.

Working with Error Logs

This article only applies to Web Hosting. For more information, see What type of hosting account do I have?

Our Linux-based hosting accounts let you enable Error Log collection for seven-day periods, starting 24 hours after you enable them. During this period you can view your error logs at any time, [...]

Changing Your Hosting Account's File Extensions

Your website’s files’ extensions determine how Web browsers handle them. However, you can change the default program that your files use.

Downloading Your Premium Joomla! Template

GoDaddy has teamed with Template Monster to offer premium Joomla!® templates at a great price.
Getting your template is as easy as purchase, select, download, install.

To Download Your Premium Joomla! Template

Purchase your promo code from GoDaddy Hosting Connection®. We send it to the email address associated with your account. For more [...]

Installing and Activating Your Premium Joomla! Template

After you download your premium Joomla!® template, you need to install and activate it through the Joomla! admin panel.

To Install and Activate Your Premium Joomla! Template

Log in to your Joomla! admin panel. (If you installed Joomla! on the root level, the admin panel URL is, where is your [...]

What is Java?

Java is an object-oriented, platform-independent, open-source programming language developed by Sun Microsystems.

Rewriting .htaccess Files for SEF URLs in Joomla!

To enable Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs in Joomla!®, you must first enable RewriteBase in your .htaccess file.

To Rewrite .htaccess Files for SEF URLs in Joomla!

Create a copy of your Joomla! installation’s .htaccess file. For more information, see Copying Files between Directories Using the FTP File Manager.

Troubleshooting Joomla! SEF URLs

This article will discuss troubleshooting steps for SEF URLs (Search Engine Friendly) in Joomla! on Shared Hosting.

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