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As the name implies, InstantPage lets you build a Web page in all of an instant. Just plug in your domain name and then and navigate the intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard to create a unique Web page that reflects your business or personality.

What is going to happen to my InstantPage website?

Posted: 4-16-2014 in InstantPage

When we retire all InstantPage® accounts on June 25, 2014, you will no longer have access to your account, including its content, and your website will no longer be available on the Internet.

If you’d like to keep a website live on your domain name, we recommend moving to our easy-to-use [...]

What is going to happen to my unused InstantPage credit?

Posted: 4-16-2014 in InstantPage

We’re completely retiring InstantPage® on June 25, 2014, which includes the expiration of any unused credits for the product.

If you are looking for a tool to build a website, we recommend using our easy-to-use DIY tool, Website Builder. It will help you build a great-looking website, even if you don’t [...]

Walkthrough: Setting up InstantPage for the First Time

Posted: 3-18-2014 in InstantPage

Use this walkthrough to learn about the elements of the InstantPage dashboard.

Managing Apps in InstantPage

InstantPage offers a variety of apps to give your website added functionality.

Managing Social Media in InstantPage

InstantPage lets you display icon links allowing your visitors to share your website through Facebook®, MySpace®, Twitter®, Delicious®, and StumbleUpon®.

Managing Text in InstantPage

InstantPage lets you add a title and description text to your website.

Managing the Layout in InstantPage

Manage the layout of your website’s content blocks.

Managing Colors in InstantPage

InstantPage lets you select colors for your website’s background, text, and content blocks.

Managing the Background in InstantPage

InstantPage lets you create a customized background that uses an image you select.

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