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What are Premium Listings?

Date Submitted: 2/3/15

You can increase exposure to domain names you want to sell by adding them to Premium Listings on our website.

When customers look up or register domain names, Premium Listings display in the Premium Domains You May Want section.

You can add .com, .net, .org, and .co domain names as Premium Listings. We do not list domain names with transfer protection, such as Protected Registration. For more information, see Adding Domain Names to Premium Listings.

We appraise your Premium Listings, which lets you know estimated price range for your domain name along with a recommended selling price. You can check your Premium Listings to determine whether the price you set falls within the price range, and you can adjust the price accordingly.

We also add your Premium Listings to GoDaddy Auctions® if:

  • You have an active GoDaddy Auctions membership.
  • The domain name is not currently listed on GoDaddy Auctions.
  • You defined a PayPal® or Good As Gold payment method prior to adding the domain name to Premium Listings.

For information about payment, see Getting Paid for Premium Listings

What is the approval process for Premium Listings?

You can list premium domain names for sale on our website. When you add a Premium Listing to a domain name, we must approve your request. While we usually complete the approval process in two to three days, we can deny the Premium Listing at any time. Our approval process excludes adult-themed domain names.

In the Domain Manager, you can view the status of your Premium Listing request. Possible statuses are:

  • Listing Active — We approved your domain name for Premium Listing status.
  • Pending Active — Your request to add a Premium Listing to your domain name is pending.
  • Pending Removal — Your request to remove a Premium Listing from your domain name is pending.
  • Pending Update — The changes you submitted for your domain name are pending.
  • Denied — We denied your domain name because it potentially contains adult-themed keywords.
  • Sold — We sold your domain name.
  • Expired — Your Premium Listing expired.
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