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Setting up DNS Using Simple Control Panel

There are three steps to setting up DNS for websites hosted on your dedicated or Virtual Private Server (VPS) in Simple Control Panel (SCP):

  1. Create nameservers for your domain name in Simple Control Panel.
  2. Register two domain hosts.
  3. Assign your nameservers to your registered domain name.

Step 1 — Define Nameservers For Your Domain in Simple Control Panel

We recommend using two nameservers for your domain name, such as ns1 and ns2 (e.g. and Each nameserver requires an NS record and an A record for the DNS settings. In SCP, you can change the DNS information for an individual domain name as follows:

  1. Click on the DNS button on the main screen.
  2. Click on the Edit icon (the pencil) to the right of the domain name you want to modify.
  3. Change the desired A and NS records and save the changes.

Step 2 — Register Your Domain Hosts

Once you set up a domain name and create a zone file in Simple Control Panel, you need to create and register two domain hosts for your domain name. If your domain name is registered with us, you can complete this step in your account with us. If your domain name is registered with another company, you will need to contact them for instructions regarding domain host registration.

See Registering Your Own Nameservers/Hosts for instructions on creating domain hosts and use the IP address for your server (you can find the IP address for your server in your dedicated or Virtual Private Server (VPS) manager or in Simple Control Panel).

NOTE: The two domain hosts you create can be used for other domain names hosted on your Virtual Private Server (VPS). You do not need to create new domain hosts for each of your domain names.

Step 3 — Set Up Your Domain Nameservers

Now that you have created and registered two domain hosts, you need to set the nameservers for your domain name to point to your dedicated/Virtual Private Server (VPS). See Setting Nameservers for Your Domain Names, choose I have specific nameservers for my domains, and enter the names of the domain hosts you created in the previous step.

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