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Managing Your Hosting Account Domains

Date Submitted: 11/5/15

After you set up your hosting account, you can manage the domains it uses:

Action Description
Add Domains Add domains to your account to either alias your existing website or host entirely independent websites. For more information, see Add domains.
Remove Domains Remove domains you added but no longer want to use on this hosting account. This also lets you move domains between hosting accounts. For more information, see Remove domains.
Change Primary Domain Changing the primary hosted domain lets you host a different website in the root folder of your hosting account. For more information, see Change your account's domain.
Change Secondary
Domains' Folders
Secondary domains can use folders besides the hosting account's root as the root for their websites — you can change which folders they use at any time. For more information, see Change a secondary domain's root folder.
Add Subdomain Subdomains are for websites using anything in front of your domain besides www. For example, in, blog is a subdomain. To host a website using a subdomain, see Managing Your Hosting Account Subdomains.

If you want to use a subdomain that is hosted somewhere besides your hosting account, you probably want to use DNS entries, such as A Records or CNAMEs (more info).

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