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Upload Files to Your Website (FTP)

To make your website visible on the Internet, you need to upload your website's files to your hosting account. There are a number of ways to do this, all of which accomplish the same thing (getting files from your local computer to your hosting account with us).

Tool Where to find more info
FileZilla (Recommended) Connecting to Your Hosting Account with FileZilla (FTP)
Built-in File Manager Uploading Files through Your Control Panel
Other Third-Party Apps This article

Third-Party Apps (FTP Clients & Site Building Programs)

There are two types of applications that let you move your website's files from your computer to your hosting account with us:

  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) clients that do nothing but transfer files between your computer and a remote server (hence the name File Transfer Protocol). Examples include FileZilla, Fetch (Mac), and gFTP (Linux).
  • Site Building Programs that help you build sites often including a publishing feature to move the site from within the application to your hosting account. Examples of these include Adobe Dreamweaver® and Microsoft Expression Web®.

Typical Settings

Though each of these clients works a little differently, they'll ask for similar settings.

Field What to enter...
Host Name Your primary hosted domain name, or your hosting account IP address (more info)
FTP User Name Your hosting account's username (more info)
FTP Password Your hosting account's password (more info)
Website URL Your site's URL (e.g.
FTP Site URL Your FTP server's URL (e.g. or your hosting account's IP address
Port Type 21 (FTP) or 22 (sFTP)
Passive If available, select the option to use passive FTP
Start Directory Your website's root directory (more info)

Because all of these programs are different, there are a number of different permutations of the FTP Site URL that might or might not work.

FTP Site URL Variations

  • ftp://your domain name
  • ftp://your IP address
  • ftp://ftp.your domain name/
  • ftp://ftp.your IP address/
  • ftp.your domain name
  • ftp.your IP address

NOTE: With Website Accelerator enabled, you need to use (where is your domain name) to FTP to your account. For more information, see What is Website Accelerator?

For additional information about configuring specific FTP clients, see the following articles:

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