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Changes to Workspace Unlimited Email Plans

Workspace email will be more reliable and a lot less spam will make it through our more advanced filters. Along with that, we’re also changing our Unlimited email plan pricing.

Adding and Managing Contacts in Workspace Webmail 6

Posted: 2/2/15 in Workspace Webmail

Create a contact list in your Workspace Webmail 6 account, including name, email address, mailing address, phone numbers, and other contact information.

Working with Groups in Workspace Webmail 6

Posted: 2/2/15 in Workspace Webmail

You can organize your contacts into groups. Creating groups let’s you quickly and easily send email messages to a predetermined set of contacts. Rather than adding each contact individually when composing an email message, you can add the whole group.

Sorting Messages in Workspace Webmail 6

Workspace Webmail 6 lets you sort all your messages with the click of a button.

Installing Workspace Desktop with Workspace Webmail 6

Workspace Desktop is a downloadable tool that lets you access Workspace applications, such as Calendar and Online Storage, from the system tray of your computer.

Composing Messages with Workspace Webmail 6

Posted: 3/5/13 in Workspace Webmail

When it comes to composing messages, Workspace Webmail gives you lots of options. Rest assured you’ll get the point across using an intuitive interface that’s full of functionality.

Using Reading Panes in Workspace Webmail 6

When you turn on reading panes, you can simultaneously view your list of messages and the content of a message you select.

Using Message Marking in Workspace Webmail 6

Marking messages helps you remember which of them are important.

Managing Layout Pods in Workspace Webmail 6

The layout in Workspace Webmail 6 features pods designed to let you move seamlessly between daily tasks.

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