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Website Builder Version 7

Website Builder Version 7 is an Internet-based Web design application. It lets users at any level quickly create professional-looking websites. Our drag-and-drop interface doesn't require that you have any previous coding or HTML experience. Using Website Builder v7 lays out the key articles for building your site.

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Change Your Domain Name

You can change the domain name associated with your Website Builder account. You cannot change the domain name for a free Website Builder account.

Log in to your Website Builder account.
From the Settings tab, click Domain Settings.
NOTE: If Website Builder shows the Preview and Publish buttons, click the three-bar [...]

Using Grid/Guides

How to show grids and guides while designing your Website Builder pages

Change Display of Your Mobile Website

Posted: 2/7/15 in Website Builder Version 7

How to change how your website appears on mobile devices

Print Site Pages

Why Website Builder v7 pages do not print

Use SEO Wizard to Get Your Site Found Online

Using the SEO Wizard in Website Builder 7 to Get Your Site Found on Google

Customize Your Navigation Menus

How to customize the display of your website’s navigation links, including their style, orientation, and alignment.

Change Site Settings

How to change your Site Settings

Checking Your Account's Bandwidth Usage

How to see how much bandwidth your Website Builder account’s used.

Upgrading or Downgrading Your Plan

Describes upgrading your Website Builder plan.

Backup Website

How to back up your website

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