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Website Builder Version 7

Website Builder Version 7 is an Internet-based Web design application. It lets users at any level quickly create professional-looking websites. Our drag-and-drop interface doesn't require that you have any previous coding or HTML experience. Using Website Builder v7 lays out the key articles for building your site.

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Organize Pages with Navigation Menus

How to change the order in which your pages appear in your navigation menu bar.

Change Desktop View of Visitor Statistics Panel

Website Builder v7′s Statistics panel helps you get a better sense of who’s visiting your website. The panel tells you in easy-scan graphics when people come to your site, which sites they’re coming from, and where they’re physically located.
To change your desktop view of the visitor Statistics [...]

Place Items on Multiple Pages

You can give your site a consistent look by placing items on multiple pages.

Change Your Domain Name

NOTE: This article is for Website Builder version 7. Your version displays at the top of the screen when you log in to your Website Builder account. Not using version 7? Search Website Builder version 6 articles.

With Website Builder version 7, you can change the domain name associated [...]

Add Alias Domains Account

How to add aliases to a Website Builder v7 account.

Customize Your Navigation Menus

How to customize the display of your website’s navigation links, including their style, orientation, and alignment.

Add Favicon

Our Business and Business Plus plans for Website Builder version 7 let you create a favicon for your website, which helps your site stand out amid the competition by displaying a small image in the web browser’s page tab.

Change Site Settings

Use the Site Settings to update your Site Info, Site Features, Search Engine optimization information, or to back up or restore a previously saved version of your website.

Use SEO Wizard in Website Builder v7 to Get Your Site Found Online

Using the SEO Wizard in Website Builder 7 to Get Your Site Found on Google

Using Keyboard Commands in Website Builder v7

Website Builder version 7 has several keyboard combinations to help speed up your workflow and website building process. Don’t worry — all of these options are easily reversed with the Undo button (or another keyboard combination).

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