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Android: Troubleshooting Email

Troubleshooting Email on Android devices

iPhone: Troubleshooting Email

Troubleshooting issues with setting up Email on iPhone mobile devices.

Making Sense of Email Clients: Desktop and Mobile

Detailed information on how to set up your devices with your Workspace Email or Hosted Exchange plan.

Setting up Email Addresses in the Workspace Control Center

Posted: 11/3/15 in Account Setup

This article explains how to create your Workspace Email address in the Workspace Control Center.

iPhone: Setting up Workspace Email

Step-by-step instructions on Configuring Email with iPhone mobile devices.

Applying Additional Disk Space to Email Addresses

This article explains how to add additional storage to your Workspace Email Addresses.

Managing Your Email Account SMTP Relays

Posted: in Account Setup

This article explains the limit and how to review the amount of email messages you send with Workspace Email accounts in the Email Control Center.

Checking and Changing Email Regions for Workspace Email

You can optimize the delivery speed of your messages by selecting the region for your email plan that most closely reflects where you live.

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