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Testing Your Server for Open Relays

If your server has its mail relays open, your server might be used to send spam emails. If you’re not sure if your relays are open, try both tests below. If your relays are open, you should use the instructions below to close them.

To Manually Test Your Server for Open [...]

Review Your VPS or Dedicated Server's Email Usage

Our VPS and Dedicated Servers have an outbound email limit of 1000 messages per day. However, you can request to increase the limit. For more information, see Requesting Additional SMTP Relays for Your Server.
There are several other reasons besides “standard email” that can cause you to reach this daily restriction. [...]

What if I've reached my server's SMTP limit?

There is a daily limit of 1,000 outbound emails from your dedicated/Virtual Private Server (VPS). There are several other reasons besides “standard email” that can cause you to reach this daily restriction. The following are a few things you can check:

Verify That Your Domain Name is Not Sending Out Bouncebacks

The [...]

Finding and Fixing Spam Abuse on Your Server

If you suspect hackers have abused your server to send email without your knowledge, we have tools to help you clean up the server and help prevent the same issue from happening again.

The tools you can use depend on your operating system, control panel, and MTA (Mail Transfer Agent). If [...]

Limitations of Hosting Email on Your VPS or Dedicated Server

If you host email addresses on your virtual or dedicated server, the following limitations apply:

1,000 outbound emails per day
Attachments cannot exceed 30MB with no individual file exceeding 20MB

NOTE: For information on expanding your email limitations, please see Requesting Additional SMTP Relays for Your [...]

Requesting Additional SMTP Relays for Your Server

By default, dedicated and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) have a limit of 1,000 SMTP relays per day. However, if you can provide a legitimate justification, we can increase the limit.

The following sections describe the information we need. Read through them before contacting us to increase your relay limit.

Newsletters and [...]

Why aren't my email messages being sent on my VPS or Dedicated Server?

All outbound email from a dedicated or Virtual Private Server (VPS) must use the relay server listed in the Hosting Control Panel. For more information, see Finding Your Server’s Email Relay Server Settings

Our servers have an outbound email limit of 1000 messages per day. If you need to send more [...]

How can I check Webmail for a site hosted on my Virtual Private Server?

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If you have Webmail enabled in Parallels Plesk Panel , you can access your email at:
Where "" is the name of your domain that you set up on your Virtual Private Server (VPS).
Sign into your account using the user name and password you set up in Parallels Plesk Panel or [...]

Setting up Email Clients with Your Server's Email Addresses

If you set up email on your server, you can use it with an email client using the following settings:

NOTE: We assume you have a CNAME called mail pointing to your server’s IP address. If your domain name is registered with us, you can create CNAMEs using Managing DNS for [...]

How do I clear my outgoing mail queue on my Windows server with Mailenable?

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Some of the information in this article is advanced material we make available as a courtesy. Please be advised that you are responsible for properly following the procedures below. Customer Support cannot assist with these topics.

To clear your outgoing mail queue on your Windows server with Mailenable:


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