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Your customer account is your connection to all your products and services. Log in to your account through the Account Manager to access and manage your products, update your payment information, renew products and services, update your account information, and more.

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GoDaddy Support Phone Numbers

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List of the international phone numbers for customer service.

Retired Products

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The following GoDaddy products have been retired.

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Date retired

Ad Manager


Contact Manager (CRM)

Easy Database for Websites

GoDaddy Savings Network

Incorporation Services

Elastic Data Center

GoDaddy Marketplace


Quick Blogcast

Site Analytics

Site Survey


Social Visibility


Website Complete

Website Protection Site [...]

Create a GoDaddy Account

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Most customers create a GoDaddy account during the checkout process. However, you can also create a new account without any products in it.

Go to
Click Sign In, and then in the New Customer area, click Create My Account.
Complete the on-screen fields, and then click Create [...]

GoDaddy Statement of Support

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This article will help you understand the variety of ways our representatives can help with your GoDaddy products.

Gérer Les Informations De Votre Compte

Learn how to update important account information.

GoDaddy Expert Services Menu

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Here’s a detailed list of Expert Services to help our customers with more complicated tasks, including content migration, hosting, Apache tuning, domain setup, MySQL, server setup, security and PHP.

Merging Customer Accounts with GoDaddy

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Starting October 7, 2014, we are shutting down the following GoDaddy subsidiaries and transferring their customers to GoDaddy:

Wild West Domains

What happens to my customer account?
We will complete all of the work for you to migrate your account to GoDaddy. You won’t have to do anything differently to manage your account, [...]

Where can I find my customer number?

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You might need your customer number to log in to your account or contact customer service. Get the details about its location in this article.

What if I find a security bug on GoDaddy's website?

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We offer a reward for any security bugs (defined below) reported to us that affect any of the following sites:

Accepted bug types
You can a receive a bounty for submitting any of the following types of bugs:

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Authentication and Authorization Flaws
Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
Remote Code Execution
SQL Injection
Directory Traversal
Privilege [...]

How do the upcoming product retirements affect me?

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We want to give you the best products in the world. Just like you, we strive for excellence. Part of this means knowing where to focus our energies — building on our successes and learning from things didn’t work as well.

With this in mind, we decided to retire the following [...]

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