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Reseller Plans

Our Basic, Pro, and Super Reseller plans give you everything you need to build your own successful business. With our management features, you can customize your storefront to match your logo and business image, find marketing and advertising support, keep track of customers and sales, and much more.

Setting up Payee Accounts

Learn how to set up a payee account to receive commissions from your Reseller storefront.

Basic and Pro Reseller Buy Rates

Learn what a buy rate is, and view the buy rates for popular products that our Basic and Pro Reseller plans offer.

Receiving Commission from Your Reseller Plan

Learn your options for receiving commission payments from your Reseller business.

Setting up Your Reseller Storefront

Learn how to use the Quick Setup Wizard to set up your Reseller storefront.

Customizing Your Basic or Pro Reseller Storefront

Learn how to customize your turnkey Basic or Pro Reseller storefront through the Reseller Control Center.

Updating Product Pricing for Your Reseller Storefront

Learn how to update pricing for the products and services in the Reseller Control Center.

Basic & Pro Reseller Getting Started Guide

Learn how to set up and use your Basic or Pro Reseller account.

Using a Custom Domain for Your Reseller Storefront

Learn how to customize your reseller storefront by displaying your own domain name in the Web browser’s address bar.

Managing Social Media Links on Your Reseller Storefront

Learn how to display social media links on your Reseller storefront.

What is the URL of my Reseller storefront?

Learn how to locate the URL of your turnkey Reseller storefront and its Help Center, and how to change your program ID.

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