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Working with SSL Certificates

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Google Chrome: My SSL Certificate Stopped Working

If your certificate worked prior to March 2015, and you’re now seeing the following error, you might need to re-key your certificate:

This happened because Google stopped supporting certificates using the SHA-1 hash (an encryption algorithm) in March 2015 and now requires SHA-2. As a best practice, all certificates should use [...]

Updating Your Certificate's Signature Algorithm to SHA-2

If you use a SHA-1 certificate, you need to change its signature algorithm to SHA-2 to ensure your certificate’s security

To Update Your Certificate to SHA-2

Log in to your Account Manager.
Click SSL Certificates.
Next to the certificate you want to use, click Manage.
Next to the certificate you want to use, in the [...]

Finding Your SSL Site Seal Code

After your SSL is issued, you can display the site seal on your website to inform visitors that transactions are conducted securely.

Re-Keying Your SSL Certificate

Learn about re-keying your SSL certificate.

Changing Your SSL's Common Name (Standard & Deluxe SSLs Only)

If you have a Standard or Deluxe (High Assurance) SSL certificate, you can change its “common name,” which is the primary domain name which it encrypts.

Additional Details

With Deluxe SSLs, you can only change the common name; you cannot change the organization’s information.
You must go through the domain verification process for [...]

Canceling a Pending Certificate Request

If you submitted your SSL request for the wrong domain name, you can cancel the pending request.

Revoking an SSL Certificate

Revoking your SSL certificate cancels it, and immediately removes HTTPS from the website.

Downloading an SSL Certificate

After your certificate request is approved, download and install both certificate files.

Verifying Your Domain Ownership for SSL Certificate Requests (HTML or DNS)

To validate domain name control for your SSL, you can use a web control page in your hosting account.

Verifying a Certificate's Validity on Your Computer

Applications are configured to verify a certificate using Online Certificate Status Protocol, or Certificate Revocation Lists.

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