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CashParking® is a service that lets you monetize, or earn money on, your parked domain names.

Adding Domain Names to Your CashParking Account

Learn the different ways you can add domain names to your CashParking® account.

CashParking FAQ

Learn about CashParking, a service that lets you earn money on your parked domain names.

Setting up Your CashParking Account

Learn how to set up your CashParking account.

Viewing Your CashParking Reports

Learn how to view your CashParking reports.

Customizing Your CashParking Domain Names

Learn how to customize your CashParking domain names with templates, keywords, and for sale links.

Auctioning CashParking Domain Names

Learn how to list your CashParking domain names for sale on GoDaddy Auctions.

Getting Started with CashParking

CashParking lets you monetize your parked domain names. Here’s information on using your new CashParking account — everything from setting up the new account to customizing your CashParking domain name landing pages and getting paid.

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