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Specifying an Email Address for the CGI Form-Mailer

Posted: 10/2/15 in CGI/FastCGI

This article only applies to Web & Classic Hosting. For more information, see What type of hosting account do I have?Customers using cPanel or Plesk can use Sending Form Mail with cPanel and Plesk Shared Hosting.
To use our CGI form-mailer, you must specify an email address where you want the [...]

Reinstalling the Default Scripts Directory on Linux Shared Hosting

This article only applies to Web & Classic Hosting. For more information, see What type of hosting account do I have?

Reinstalling the default directory updates your hosting account’s scripts directory with the latest versions of default scripts, including gdform.cgi (Deluxe Linux hosting), gdform.php, and webformmailer.php.

Linux Web Hosting accounts do not [...]

Can I use FastCGI with Perl?

Yes, using a .htaccess file, you can use FastCGI with Perl.

Which programming languages do you support with CGI?

Posted: 11/3/14 in CGI/FastCGI

Our base CGI language support on Deluxe and Premium Linux shared hosting includes the following:

PERL (v 5.8.0)
PHP (v 4.3.11 & 5.1.2)
Python (v 2.3 & 2.4)

Applications written in a compiled language such as C++ are not supported unless the applications are compiled specifically to run under the Linux operating system.

Our shared [...]

What is FastCGI?

Posted: in CGI/FastCGI

FastCGI is an extension to CGI that efficiently manages CGI processes for better application performance. It is language-independent and exists between the application and Web server. FastCGI is supported for Perl on Linux-based hosting accounts.

To see if you have the correct type of hosting, see What type of [...]

What is the path to sendmail on my Linux hosting plan?

Posted: in CGI/FastCGI

The path to sendmail on our Linux hosting servers [...]

Where do I upload my CGI scripts and applications?

Posted: in CGI/FastCGI

Server-side scripts and executables can be uploaded to any directory on your site and are not restricted to run only in the cgi directory. These scripts and executables are any files with the following extensions: .cgi, .pl, and [...]

Using the CGI Form-Mailer

Posted: 12/3/13 in CGI/FastCGI

You can use the CGI form mailer depending on the type of hosting account you have. For more information, see What type of hosting account do I have?

Linux Deluxe and Unlimited Shared Hosting accounts can use the CGI form mailer.
Everything else cannot. For any other type [...]

What is CGI?

Posted: 11/7/12 in CGI/FastCGI

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. CGI extends the capabilities of a Web server so that your website can communicate with another script or application.
CGI programs are the most common way for Web servers to interact dynamically with users. Many HTML pages that contain forms, for example, use a CGI [...]

Can I use DOS line endings with my Linux hosting account?

Posted: 4/11/11 in CGI/FastCGI

Text files that are created with DOS line endings use the combination of a carriage return and line feed "rn" to denote the end of a line. Unix line endings consist of just a carriage return "r". Script files uploaded to your Linux shared hosting account require Unix [...]

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