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Dedicated Linux

Dedicated hosting reserves a Web server for a single customer where the customer has exclusive rights to their server's bandwidth, memory, and storage space. With a dedicated server, traffic and usage patterns of other customers do not affect performance.

Because of their available bandwidth, versatility, and consistent performance, dedicated servers are used for a variety of purposes, including gaming, database management, and traffic-intensive Web sites.

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Update Bash (Ubuntu 14)

Posted: 6/7/15 in
Dedicated Linux

You can protect your Ubuntu server against the Shellshock by updating bash. This guide assists in updating the bash version on Ubuntu 14.

Update Bash (CentOS and Fedora)

Posted: 6/7/15 in
Dedicated Linux

You can protect your CentOS or Fedora server against the Shellshock by updating bash. This guide assists in updating the bash version on newer CentOS and Fedora servers.

Test Your Server for the Shellshock Vulnerability

Posted: 6/7/15 in
Dedicated Linux

You can run two tests to ensure that your Linux server is safe from the Shellshock vulnerability. Both tests must pass before your server can be considered safe from the bug.

Migrating Your WordPress Website from Shared Hosting to Your Plesk Panel Server

Posted: 6/7/15 in
Dedicated Linux

Article explains how to migrate your shared hosting account to your new virtual dedicated or dedicated server using Plesk Panel.

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed Hosting is a dedicated server that we set up, monitor, maintain, secure and patch for you. We will also install and maintain some Web applications, listed here. We also offer custom support services with Managed Hosting for an hourly rate. Managed Hosting accounts remove your root/system-level access but let [...]

What software do you install on Managed Hosting accounts?

The software that comes installed on your Managed Hosting account depends on your account’s operating system. Click the appropriate link appropriate for your server’s operating system below.


Plesk 11.0.9
MySQL 5.1.56
Bind 9.8.3-P1
MailEnable Standard 6.60
ASP 7.5.7601.17514
ASP.NET 2.0.50727.4927
ASP.NET 4.0.30319.1
Perl v5.10.1
PHP 5.2.17
PHP 5.3.19


VPS CentOS 6

Plesk 11.0.9
Mysql 5.1.67
Bind 9.8.2-0.10
Postfix 2.8.4
Apache 2.2.15-15
PHP [...]

How often do you patch applications I install on my Managed Hosting account?

We check for updates to your applications weekly, and then apply the patch to your application.

If you do not want us to patch your applications, please contact support via chat. For more information, see Get Support for your VPS or Dedicated [...]

What can I install on my Managed Hosting account?

Because you do not have root/system-level access, you cannot install applications requiring that level of access yourself, although we can install them for you for a fee.

However, you can install any applications yourself that do not require root/system-level [...]

What software is installed on my Linux dedicated server?

The contents of your dedicated Linux server depends on what kind of Linux distribution you are using. Below is an overview of the packages deployed with your server, prior to optional control panel installation.

Dedicated servers with Parallels Plesk Panel installed will have different configurations. For more information, see the SWSOFT [...]

Requesting a Power Cycle for Your Server

If you cannot reboot your server, manually (more info), you can request a power cycle for your server.

To Request a Reboot or Power Cycle

Log in to your Account Manager.
Click Servers.

Click one of the following based on the type of management interface your [...]

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