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Transfers and Account Changes

A domain name transfer moves a domain name from one registrar to another. An account change moves a domain name from one account to another at the same registrar.

Transferring Domain Names to Another Registrar

Learn how to transfer domain names from your account with us to another registrar.

How do I resend the transfer IDs to my updated admin email address?

Learn how to resend the transaction ID and security code to your administrative contact’s email address.

Transferring Domain Names to Us

Learn how to transfer a domain name from your current registrar to us.

Moving a Domain Name out of Your Account

Learn how to move a domain name from one account with us to another.

Accepting a Domain Name into Your Account

Learn how to complete an Account Change by accepting a domain name into your account.

Restarting Domain Transfers to Us

If there is an error with your domain name transfer to us, it displays in the Status column on the Pending Transfers page. After you correct the error, you can restart the domain name transfer.
Transfers are active until they complete, or until they expire (30 days from the transfer [...]

Updating Missing or Inaccurate Authorization Codes

Some domain name registries assign authorization codes (also known as EPP codes or transfer keys) to domain names when you register them. If your domain name requires an authorization code, you must use it to transfer the domain name to us.

If you attempt to authorize a domain name transfer but [...]

Locking and Unlocking Your Domain Names

Learn how to lock and unlock your domain names in the Domain Manager.

Getting an Authorization Code to Transfer Your Domain Name

Learn how to get an authorization code to transfer your domain name to another registrar.

Preparing to Transfer Domain Names to Us

Learn how to purchase a transfer and what you must do prior to transferring your domain name to us.

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