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Using Mobile Devices

Using an Android Mobile Device with Hosted Exchange

Setting up your Hosted Exchange email account on your Android mobile device.

Using Your iPhone or iPad with Hosted Exchange

On an iPhone® or iPad®, Hosted Exchange not only lets you send and receive email, it also synchronizes email folders, calendars, and contacts. The screen shots below use iPhone firmware 3.1.2, but previous versions use the same settings and the iPad’s interface is very similar.

Before continuing, you need to know [...]

Removing Mobile Devices from Hosted Exchange Accounts

Because Hosted Exchange limits you to 4 mobile devices per account, you might want to remove devices you no longer use from your account.

To Remove Mobile Devices from Hosted Exchange Accounts

Log in to OWA (more info).
From the Options menu, select See all options…
Click Phone on the left.
Click the Device you [...]

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