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Redirect URLs with Your Hosting Account

Posted: 1/5/15 in General

A redirect automatically sends your website’s visitors to a chosen destination, either a different location within the same site or a new site entirely.

Managing System Processes on Linux Hosting Accounts

Posted: 1/5/15 in General

On Linux® shared hosting accounts, you can view and end FTP, SSH, and Web connections. This gives you the ability to control connections to your server and to kill run-away scripts.

Adding Bandwidth to Your Account

Posted: 1/5/15 in General

Bandwidth measures how much data visitors to your website consume. If you need more, you can add it to your account.

What type of hosting account do I have?

If you need to know what kind of hosting you have, this article gives you the details you need.

Changing Your Control Panel's Language

Posted: in General

If you have a cPanel or Plesk shared hosting account (more info), you can change the language your control panel uses.

To Change Your Control Panel’s Language

Log in to your Account Manager.
Click Web Hosting.

Click one of the following, based on the type of [...]

Managing Your Hosting Account's Files

Your hosting account is on a computer — just like a personal computer. So, just like a personal computer you can manage your website’s files and directories, with tasks like:

Archiving (zipping) and unarchiving

Changes you make through your hosting account’s file manager will take effect on the Internet immediately.

To Manage Your [...]

Restoring Your Shared Hosting Account from a Backup

Posted: in General

After you’ve backed up your shared hosting account (more info), you can use those backups to restore your account.

This article assumes you are using a backup you created using Backing up Your Shared Hosting Account. You cannot necessarily use these instructions to migrate your website between hosting accounts.

To Restore Your [...]

Upgrading to Web Hosting from Classic Hosting

Posted: in General

If you currently have a shared hosting account, you can upgrade it to our new, more-powerful hosting account.

Checking Your Hosting Account's Bandwidth and Disk Space Usage

Posted: in General

You can see how much of your monthly bandwidth you’ve consumed at any time.

Reinstalling the Default Scripts Directory on Windows Shared Hosting

Posted: in General

If you accidentally deleted the form mail scripts from your hosting account, you can request us to reinstall them.

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