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WordPress Plugins, the Internet, and You

Morrissey said, “I’ve seen it happen in other people’s lives and now it’s happening in mine.” I don’t think he could have imagined that line would get appropriated to talk about WordPress® security.

When you install a plugin on your WordPress® site, you get the good with the bad — along [...]

WordPress: Change Domain, Hosting, or Directory Troubleshooting

If you have problems viewing your WordPress site after moving it, we might be able to help you get your site up and running again.

What is JetPack?

JetPack is a WordPress plugin that bundles some of the top WordPress features. JetPack’s features include statistics, a Twitter® widget, shortlinks, gravatar hovercards, ShareDaddy, and more!

We think JetPack is pretty amazing — which is why we pre-install it on our WordPress Hosting. But if you think differently, you can [...]

Using an SSL with Your WordPress Admin Control Panel

You need an SSL certificate installed and set up on your shared hosting account before proceeding with the WordPress® installation. If you don’t have an SSL, we can help. For more information, click here.

To enable WordPress and SSL, you need to edit your wp-config.php file. You can [...]

Uninstalling WordPress or Joomla! (Manual Install)

You can easily remove a WordPress or Jooma! manual install from your hosting account by deleting all of its files and its database.

Move Your WordPress Site to a Different Directory

What if you installed WordPress® in the wrong directory? Don’t worry — it happens all the time. If you installed it through your hosting account’s control panel, moving it to the correct location is pretty simple.

If you’re working with a fresh installation of WordPress — and you haven’t added any [...]

Securing and Protecting Your WordPress Site

No one wants to be responsible for ruining everyone else’s good time. No one wants to be taken advantage of, either. By taking extra care to secure and protect you can make sure neither happens to you.

If you don’t secure your WordPress® (or any other CMS) site, you’re opening yourself [...]

Maintaining Your WordPress Sites

Think of your website like an apartment; it requires maintenance. You don’t just move your stuff in and never touch it again. You have to regularly keep things in order, otherwise entropy comes in and mucks everything up.

If you let it get bad enough, it affects your neighbors, too. Badly. [...]

Helpful WordPress Articles

We want to make sure your WordPress site is successful, so we compiled a list of our most helpful articles.

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