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Premium DNS

Premium DNS accounts offer a higher level of support and advanced features to add power, flexibility, and control to your DNS management.

Enabling DNSSEC in Your Premium DNS Account

If you have a DNSSEC-compatible domain name that uses our nameservers, you can enable fully managed DNSSEC in your Premium DNS account.

Working with Advanced Settings in Premium DNS

In your Premium DNS account, you can apply advanced settings, such as Secondary DNS, fully managed DNSSEC, and vanity nameservers.

Premium DNS FAQ

Premium DNS frequently asked questions.

Enable Secondary DNS (Premium DNS)

Our Premium DNS accounts let you enable Secondary DNS, which backs up your zone file (domain name) to a secondary nameserver.

Creating Vanity Nameservers in Premium DNS

In your Premium DNS account, you can create vanity nameservers — custom names for our nameservers.

Working with Premium DNS Templates

Premium DNS lets you create DNS templates and apply them to your domain names. With templates, you can save time by applying zone record settings to multiple zone files (domain names) at once, rather than manually entering the settings for each domain nam

Upgrading to Premium DNS

This Help article provides information about upgrading to Premium DNS, the advanced version of the DNS Manager.

Managing Premium DNS Account Administrators

If you want someone to manage the DNS for your domain names without having full access to your account, you can make that person a Premium DNS Account Administrator.

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