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PPC! Does It Really Work?

Date Submitted: 7-22-2010 by tagiscom

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Hi, everyone.

Well…after a year doing PPC and 7 months with PPC Classroom, l feel that l should make an honest post on whether or not it really works or still works?

For the sake of classification l will use 3 terms, which follows.

• The 1% of people that have a natural knack for PPC and can make substantial amounts while the majority scratch their heads trying to make anything.

• The percent that get lucky and finds something quickly.

• And the percent, “that is the majority” that see’s these success posts on the forums and wonder what is wrong with them, and start thinking after 6 months or more have passed that maybe they are cursed, etc because other people seem to be getting somewhere with this?

But it is only a small percentage of people that are posting that gives you an unnatural expectation.

I could rattle on about this, but you probably get the idea.

If PPC worked for everyone then PPC Classrooms forums for example would have 10′s of thousands of people saying that they are making money from it; It has a reasonable number, (in the hundreds).

So…in my honest opinion is it worth joining a club like PPCC or doing it on your own, well yes and no?

• If you are hard up financially, and like to gamble, then yes, (but l wouldn’t recommend it).

• If you are very lucky in financial things then the answer would probably be yes again.

• And if you have $1000 to $2000 sitting somewhere and want to have a fair to good chance of making $100 dollars profit and more eventually a day then l would recommend it, (and of course you need to seek an unbiased PPC expert for further info, this is just my best recommendation on my past results).

But only of you are nuts about PPC there are far cheaper ways of making a living online, (but l will get to that later).

Just to give you a rundown on PPC Classroom, l after 5 months of getting nowhere with my own site, joined.

Then to make a long story short l ran through about 10 campaigns over several months and found virtually nothing that was viable.

The first 3 where testing out my 3 e-books that l had wrote with pricing, then l tried affiliated products, but with the exception of maybe two, no success, (one that produced some results was in a diminishing market, not the type of project you want to put serious resources into).

I also found something that someone on their forums said converted well, and after several attempts and hundreds of dollars, l started realizing that l would need $1000 or more to really bring it, (hopefully) up to $100 dollars a day.

But as stated before there are better, cheaper ways!

PPC Classroom has some excellent videos and training, but it also has some Gurus that are running their own training courses. Nothing wrong with that, l hear you say, but unfortunately some of their ideas don’t seem to work that well.

They have some gold nuggets here and there, but if you are joining to immediately get the million dollar gold bar, forget it!

PPCC’s training methods, used to work well, but now unless you have serious money, it is getting too expensive with straight PPC. Obviously if you applied their techniques to Facebook, then once you have gotten past their rules, you would probably do well, and mobile phone adverting, when it matures a bit more.

So…unless you go into these areas on PPC, then without serious capital, it is best to consider other options.

I can’t go into the details of how their system works because l may get into trouble, even though l am no longer a member.

And l am presently working on lists, after about a year with PPC.

Maybe building a list is just another scam-my thing that won’t work, but l have had a few subscribers so far, and expect to get substantially more soon.

So…it very well could be something viable, and best of all at least so far, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to do!

Nice for a change!

Building a list has many similarities with building your sites, give people plenty of free stuff, and they will buy more often than usual.

And to wrap up this thread, carefully consider your site niche, my toy-and-game site hasn’t gotten any new subscribers, yet, even after giving away 15 e-books, (2 l wrote) and l haven’t made a recent sale, even though l have 24 e-books, etc and ran a survey to see which ones people would buy the most, etc).

When l make my site 3 times bigger then it could turn the corner……


I am also running a internet marketing squeeze page and have posted a link onto several forums, with 5 subscribers so far.

Big difference!

Obviously PPC with internet marketing would cost a couple of dollars per click, but creating a name list is different and cheaper.

So to wrap up, for heaps of great tips and tricks to use with online marketing, l would give PPC Classroom the thumbs up, but for straight PPC with Adwords or MSN, etc unless you are lucky or have a few thousand on standby, l would keep building your site if you think that it has commercial potential or work on creating a list on the side to make sure that if your site takes a long time to mature, you have a backup source of income to fall back on.

So l have hopefully given you some useful info, to think about.

And Ben Brooks is a great source of free info, regarding building a list and keeping in line with SBI’s philosophy

Shane. :0}

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