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Uploading Large Files to IIS and ASP.NET

Date Submitted: 6-29-2010 by lng

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As a web developer, you may have a need to develop a web application that allows users to upload files to the web server. By default, IIS web server allows for limited file size to be uploaded to the web server. For IIS 6 and IIS 7, the default maximum file upload size is 4 MB and 28.6 MB respectively. In order to allow for larger file size uploads, you need to modify the configuration in the web.config file.

For IIS 6, you need to modify httpRuntime, maxRequestLength, and executionTimeout. The attribute maxRequestLength specifies the maximum file upload size in KB. executionTimeout specifies the maximum number of seconds that a request is allowed to execute before being automatically shut down by ASP.NET. See the httpRuntime Element (ASP.NET Settings Schema) post in the msdn Library for more details.

For IIS 7, you need to modify the requestLimits attribute, maxAllowedContentLength. maxAllowedContentLength specifies the maximum length of content in a request, in bytes. See the requestLimits Element for requestFiltering [IIS 7 Settings Schema] post in the msdn library for more details.

If you have a shared hosting account at Go Daddy, make sure that you set the folder permission to allow for write access. Check out this Help article to find out how to set the folder permissions.

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